Issue 5 is still alive…just not ready for the Debutante Ball


We here at ECR are hustling to get issue 5 out into the world just as soon as we can. Unfortunately, we are being pulled in many different directions at the moment. We promise all of our dear Thrill Seekers to bare with us as we strive to release a quality follow up for our very popular issue 4 before the end of this year of our lord, 2019.
In the Meantime please help us celebrate the arrival of our indie pulp brethren Broadswords & Blasters, Switchblade 11, Tough 2, and the exciting double release of TECH NOIR by Pulp Modern and Switchblade. The end of 2019 promises to be a very excellent time in the world of indie publishing and we hope to add some Quality Cheap Thrills to the mix just as soon as we are able. 
We are fully aware that delayed products often suck: GNR Chinese Democracy, Cleopatra, Waterworld, the Cold War part 2, Trump’s Impeachment, Your promises to keep your promises to loved ones and mistresses. 
EconoClash Review hears your worries and just wants to put them at ease by spilling gasoline and dropping matches. 
More Quality Cheap Thrills are in the works for 2020.  
*Rejected business cards.

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