JD Graves is the founding father, managing editor, and the jack of all trades of Econoclash Review.  An author and a playwright, he lives in the Piney Woods of East Texas with his wife and kids.  Among things he’ll be remembered for far after his death will be his stage play Tall Pines Lodge, which was an official selection of the 2016 New York International Fringe Festival as well as the 2007 FronteraFEST in Austin, TX.  A man of accomplishment, his other play Stanley & Jim premiered in 2009 at the Manhattan Rep Theater to a total of three people.  His written work of short stories has appeared in Mystery Weekly Magazine, Black Mask #4, Santa Cruz Weird, Tough: Crime Stories 1, Switchblade #3, #4, #8, Broadswords & Blasters #6, Near 2 The Knuckle, Intrinsick 2.3, Penultimate Peanut #1, and others.He is a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan even though he’s never been to Ohio.

Tia Ja’nae is the resident satirist as well as another editor with a corner office at Econoclash Review.  An author, screenwriter, poet, and playwright, she oversees most of the Quality Cheap Thrills flash fiction.  Among things she won’t be remembered for are several independent films and a few albums only her most die hard fans downloaded from torrent clients.  Her written work of short stories has appeared in Shotgun Honey Presents Recoil Volume 4, Tough Crime Stories 2, 45th Parallel’s Journal, as well as Tough Magazine, Flashback Fiction, Shotgun Honey’s Webzine.  Her upcoming collection of poems is due out in 2022 by Close To The Bone Publishing and her novel is tentatively peeking it’s head summer 2021 by Shotgun Honey/Down & Out Books.  She is routinely classified by order of your government.

Gabriel Hart is one of many resident reviewers with a tiny cubicle at Econoclash Reivew.  Constantly on the beat, he lives in Morongo Valley in California’s High Desert. His debut twin novel of dipso-surrealist noir Virgins In Reverse / The Intrusion (Traveling Shoes Press) was released in 2019, with a foreword by Avant-rockabilly provocateur Tav Falco. Other works have appeared in Pulp Modern, Shotgun Honey, ExPat Press, Bristol Noir (UK), Black Hare Press (Australia), and Crime Poetry Weekly. He is a regular contributor to Lit Reactor, EconoClash Review, Space Cowboy’s Simultaneous Times podcast, as well as L.A. Record, a Los Angeles underground music publication. Hart also taught the writing workshop for Mil-Tree, a non-profit reach out program for Vets and Active Duty Military to heal the wounds of war.  Gabriel’s musical alter-ego sees him as the ringleader of the L.A. based punk Wall of Sound group Jail Weddings, who released their third album Wilted Eden in 2019. Their previous album Meltdown: A Declaration of Unpopular Emotion (2013) was voted Best Album of The Year by L.A. Weekly, followed by Best Band of the Year in 2014.  You can mostly find the man walking the beat on Twitter.

Matthew X. Gomez is another resident reviewer that stays in the field so much he’s never unlocked the door to his cubicle at Econoclash Review.  An author and spec fic writer, he lives in Maryland. His work has appeared in Storyhack, Econoclash Review, Switchblade Magazine, and Pulp Modern who probably pay him more than we do.  His work of short fiction can be found in the book God in Black Iron & Other Stories that came out at some point during the year the world lost their mind.  You can also find him pounding the Twitter pavement.

Carmelo Guarnera is our resident Italian Stallion and current unpaid intern in the art department at Econoclash Review.  A man of many talents, he has drawn comics for indie companies as well as private commissions by cheapskates looking for new tattoos.  He also is a musician, having worked with several high profile old school artists.  Loving the smell of copic markers in the morning, he loves to tell the world that he’s free for us but it will cost you.  He lurks at his favorite watering holes around Instagram.