CHEAP THRILL ALERT! Issue Five Is Alive!


Special thanks goes out to Eric and Lance at Down and Out Books for the support. Here it is kids! The Circus is Back in Town! After years of watching our pulp brothers and sisters PRE-RELEASE their titles. Our QUALITY CHEAP THRILLS proudly join their ranks with our first ever Pre-Order. You no longer have to grovel at the Amazon trough to get your ECR swag. We now offer you dear thrill seekers marketplace choices. We want to thank the handful of you Thrill Seekers who are going to take this opportunity to skip that quadruple vanilla latte mocha chino and fork over your hard earned bread to support indie authors and indie publishing. Billy, Ted, Mrs. Fizzlestein, your contribution helps keep the lights on and your readership keeps ECR alive.

Econoclash Review is an Imprint of Down and Out Books.


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