Possession: A Film that Freaks Out So We Don't Have To

Gabriel Hart reviews Possession, starring Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neil, Directed by Andrzej Zulawski 1981


Nothing prepares you for it.

It crashes in with inherent black magic. Beyond the emotional toll, there is the paralyzing shock bleeding into pangs of nausea, initiating an extended physical effect on you, its plaything. Reality warps into a frightening, paranoid funhouse mirror where it proves difficult to trust even your longest-standing loved ones, as things are no longer what they seem. But its real insidiousness unveils itself here: where if it befalls you in multiple spells, every time will feel like the first time all over again.

Conversely, nothing prepared me for the first time I saw what is now my favorite film, Possession by Polish renegade auteur Andrzej Zulawski. I was neck-deep in the throes of being cheated on by a woman a decade my junior, and lucky me – I got to be her lesson in the consequences of lying, of manipulatin…

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Skin Stories: Wendy Heard

One of the things I love most about Twitter is that I constantly find new books and the amazing people who wrote them. Wendy Heard is one of them. I won’t spend the entire intro on fanboy stuff. Instead, I’ll say this: do yourself a favor and go read Heard’s latest, The Kill Club. You can thank me later. In any case, I knew Heard had some ink, so when I decided to bring Skin Stories back to life here at EconoClash Review, she was at the top of my list. Yeah, let’s kick things off in style with Wendy Heard, shall we?

Gabino Iglesias: Tell us a bit about you and your work!

Wendy Heard: I'm Wendy Heard, and I write thrillers for adults and young adults. My last book out was called THE KILL CLUB, and my next is a YA thriller called SHE'S TOO PRETTY TO BURN. I can be found on the socials at @wendydheard.

GI: What was your first tattoo and why did you decide to get more? 

WH: I got my first tattoo at age 21, and it was Very Bad. Here's the thing. I was in art school, and I wanted t…

Shaken Not Stirred: 24 James Bond Films Ranked

Attention Thrill Seekers: the 25th film in the billion dollar James Bond franchise is coming out very soon. Just not as soon as originally planned due to Global Pandemic. So we here at ECR have decided to take a moment and rank them all in order. This list has a license to kill other inferior lists. That's right thrill seekers! That means that this list is the official Econoclash Review Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 Eon productions franchise list. (we are not affiliated with the franchise) We will not include any movie not part of the Harry Saltzman/Cubby Broccoli/Broccoli Family Canon. (sorry, not sorry Never Say Never Again and 1967 Casino Royale as well as earlier made for tv Casino Royale with Americna Jimmy Bond) Enough of our monkey junk let's breakdown the winners (Connery, Lazenby, Craig) from the losers (Brosnan) And everyone in between, (Moore, Dalton)

I've been a life long Bond fan. Yes, I am aware that it is straight male wish fulfillment increased beyond th…


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