Cheap Thrills Flash

EconoClash Review is pleased to announce Cheap Thrill Flash, our new weekly online flash e-zine dedicated to only the best quality pulp in 700 words or less.

CTF wants short pulp in any genre. If you have a great story about poaching a unicorn and then killing your dope dealer with said horn you’re in the right place.

Specifically we want writers with stories that take chances in pulp and walk on the wild side. We encourage explorations of different approaches to sensical storytelling.

We want fresh, wild, slices of life. We don’t want old tropes, recycled or overdone. We want strong cohesive storytelling, writing with exciting plot points, and central thematic concerns that have an overall effect on the reader. (Hit us in the feels).

We support freedom of speech, but above everything we want people to relate to your characters and stories.

We are not taking submissions at this time.  Try again later.

CTF encourages submissions of previously published authors as well as newcomers. Send your previously unpublished flash story complete, edited, and ready for print.  Anything other than that will be automatically disregarded.

While we are unable to compensate for flash fiction at this time, any stories selected will be eligible for all pomp and circumstance associated with being a part of the overall ECR family of authors.

Should an anthology be produced authors will be invited to participate (of which they will be paid).

Thanks, and Good Luck!

Tia Ja’nae

 Editor, EconoClash Review: Cheap Thrill Flash

 J.D. Graves

 Editor-in-Chief, EconoClash Review: Quality Cheap Thrills

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 good people.” Stephen King

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