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ECR welcomes you to join the DIY revolution and PLUG Your STUFF the ECR way. 

ECR is proud to say that we are fiercely independent AND completely UNCOOL.

We know lots of COOL people coming up in the world. We hope being Cool, works out for them.

We have a different path. We have our own drummer. You can hear him too or you wouldn’t be here now.

ECR’s NOT publishing Quality Cheap Thrills for something as COMMON as MONEY.

We are doing all this for something much, Much, MUCH MORE! MONEY TO PAY OUR WRITERS with!

We offer a couple of ways to Advertise your project. EconoClash Review,, 

An ad for a single issue will be very affordable. Just ask about our low rates.

An ad for three issues will be even more affordable. Just ask about our deals.

Any funds raised go toward spreading the good word about your project, Paying our Contributor’s, and keeping the doors open.

Please contact: econoclashreview (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m

Head all emails: “Ad_Inquiry_Your Project Name”

* Lot’s of social media sites offer advertisement services. For $20, you can have your project seen by anywhere from 100 – 10,000 members. How many of those are quality views? Your project cannot be measured in Page likes or Post views. You cannot hold such things. Like the stock market. They are numbers on a screen. They are fugazi’s. They are like the air. They are not real.
Your project needs a physical footprint in the material world. ECR’s happy to support our fellow indie artists, writers, musicians, publishers and DIY revolutionaries. 

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