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REVIEW: “Parade”

Hello Thrill Seekers,

You want some Quality Cheap Thrills, google search no further.

ECR is your home for exceptional content featuring shady casino hosts, murderous junkies, pregnant prom queens, strange kaiju cults, small town larceny and Sasquatch love brides. Or in other words…PULP.

We promote literacy by publishing Quality Cheap Thrills twice a year in print as well as posting interesting and educational articles highlighting the human quality of trashy literature, art, cinema and music…in other words…People.

Why do audiences watch Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Forbidden Zone, or Pink Flamingoes?

Why do readers devour Stephen King, William S. Burroughs, or the Babysitter’s Club?

Why do writers imitate Jim Thompson, Kurt Vonnegut, or Shirley Jackson?

EconoClash.com promises we don’t know!

But join us as we dive in and wallowing around in this stuff. Maybe it’ll teach us something about our neighbors, or ourselves or the human condition…

Or maybe it’ll just be FUN!

J.D. Graves
EconoClash Review

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