*Cheap Thrill Alert* New at Shotgun Honey Press.


Trojan H, by J.D. Graves, published March 12, 2020, 700 words. 

I have a new FLASH Story published today over at Shotgun Honey. 

On a personal note, I am super excited to have my work appear at Shotgun Honey. A marketplace that I have spent a couple of years trying to break into, but the other stuff just wasn’t good enough and I can admit it.

Every style of fiction be it, Flash, Short, Novella, Novel have their own issues and I am humbled by the opportunity to have my work alongside William R. Soldan, Michael Bracken, Rusty Barnes, Hector Acosta, Paul J. Garth, Nikki Dolson, and others.

Also Ron Earl has reopened submissions for Books, check out the guidelines here. 

Sorry for no review this week, but the kids are on spring break and we have been in full on Jim Henson Sock Puppet mode.


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