Quality Cheap Thrills

Dear Thrill Seekers!

ISSUE FIVE is Pre-Order Live.

ECR#5 barely contains 10 Over the Top Freak shows for less than a carnival corn dog.

Cynthia Ward
Cameron Mount
E.F. Sweeten
R. Daniel Lester
Aeryn Rudel
David Rachels
Die Booth
Adam S. Furman
Aristo Couvaros
J. Manfred Weichsel

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The Fourth Issue is live.

ECONOCLASH review #4 contains 11 pulp stories overflowing with schadenfraude.

Rex Weiner
A.B. Patterson
Matthew X. Gomez
Mark Slade
C.W. Blackwell
Hailey Piper
S.J. Rogers
Robert Petyo
Jon Zelazny
J.L. Boekestein

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Welcome to the Third Rail of Quality Cheap Thrills!

ECONOCLASH review #3 contains 10 pulp stories darker than your deepest secret.

Max Sheridan
Michael Bracken
Sara Dobie Bauer
Kristen Brand
Leroy B. Vaughn
Nick Sweeney
Rick McQuiston
Christopher Stanley
Brian James Lewis
Nicola Lombardi
Joe Weintraub

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We offer the class our Sophomore effort in Indie Fiction 101!

ECONOCLASH review #TWO contains 12 pulp blasts of fiction

Victoria Dalpe
Alec Cizak
Robert Petyo
DJ Tyrer
James Harper
Olin Wish
Tom Miller
Joshua Hill
Beatrix M.G. Nielsen
James Harper
Preston Lang
Brandon Alexander
G.A. Miller

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We are proud to announce that our inaugural mission is set

ECONOCLASH review #ONE contains 11 stories,

William R. Soldan (2x Pushcart Prize Nominee)
Rick McQuiston (Paranormal Romance Guild Award Finalist)
Scotch Rutherford
Nick Manzolillo
Joachim Heijndermans
J.D. Graves
Gerri R. Gray
Charlotte Platt
Lyndon Perry
Edward Turner III
Christopher Hivner

These stories are bound and determined to rattle your teeth!

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