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WORST LAID PLANS: An Anthology of Vacation Horror (Grindhouse Press)

Reviewed by Gabriel Hart for ECR. There's a special place in Hell for the ironic synch of a vacation horror anthology released during an international pandemic. Think about it: We are confined indoors, our spring/summer plans cancelled, as we stare out our windows with renewed fear and loathing for the future - assuming there is one. Yet, at times the lockdown resembles certain suffocating aspects of vacation  - we are trapped with our families, bickering with our parents, lovers and/or children, drinking way too much, eating just because we are bored, while the outside world takes on the stuffy, detached nature of a museum we might one day visit: Don't fucking touch anything!

            And let's not forget – those whose job it was to navigate have given us bad directions, and now we've found ourselves hopelessly lost.            So, we actually need horror right now more than ever - anything to remind us that it could always be worse. We need the catharsis that only …


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