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REVIEW: Greasepaint & .45's: Anthology

J.D. Graves reviews Greasepaint & .45's, Edited by Ryan Sales, Published by Down & Out Books 2019, 244 pages. Since ECR's releasing a clown covered bit of pulp for our fifth issue, we felt it was only right that we explore D&OB's own clourophobia inducing anthology. Featuring the work of David James Keaton, Jeffery Hess, Lono Waiwaiole, Jen Conley, James R. Tuck, Chuck Regan, Liam Sweeney, Richard Thomas, J.L. Abramo, Grant Jerkins, Marietta Miles, Ed Kurtz, R. Daniel Lester*, Warren Moore, Patricia Abbott, and the inestimable Scotch Rutherford*. Now kiddies, follow the bouncing ball and sing along with this bizarre and wildly satisfying collection of pure mayhem.

I wasn't sure of what to expect. Clowns & crime? I was hesitant, since I find painted clowns disturbing. Regular clowns like your boss, and the local weathermen, I'm perfectly okay with--to an extent. Maybe it's all the bad press surrounding creepers like Gacy, Pennywise, or that legit…


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