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Drinking in Reviews and ECR Slush

J.D. in Bauhaus with Afro
Dear Thrill Seekers,

Thank you for your interests in ECR. This open submission period of roughly 30 days saw close to one hundred and twenty submissions. As Editor-in-Chief, I have read and responded to about sixty submissions. Some I have liked a great deal but think they could be approved upon while offering notes. Others received the form rejection. I wish I could remember to copy and paste those into the emails, but sadly I type every letter of every response regardless of outcome. I believe that your time is as valuable as mine and since we don't pay very much--reading your work word for word and responding is the only way of giving something back.

For those of you still waiting to hear about your work I want you to know that I know you are still waiting. I am trying to read at least two stories a day on top of my personal writing. There are only 3 spots available in Issue 6 but there's a lot of stuff I'd like to pick up for issue 7.

As far a…

Double barrels of TECH NOIR!

Two of our favorite things Switchblade Anthology of Noir and Pulp Modern have announced they're teaming up to release a special edition of Tech Noir. For right now, we know it's coming sometime in October and will drop on the same day. But Mr. Rutherford and Mr. Cizak have been gracious enough to announce the line-up. It contains some very prolific voices in the indie lit field as well as some stellar contributors to EconoClash Review both past and present.

If they let you pre-order it you should do so. But until then check out their latest issues here and here.


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