Awards Eligibility


Dear Thrill Seekers! Awards submissions are upon the universe of fiction. We would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to include our wonderful authors in the process.

EconoClash Review #1 Published February 10th 2018

“The Last Book” by Rick McQuiston, meta-horror
“Recompense”  by William R. Soldan, noir
“The Boss Man Cometh” by Christopher Hivner, humor
“Blessed He Be, Shinokaze” by Joachim Heijndermans, Kaiju
“Meet the Family” by Charolette Platt, noir-fantasy
“The Little Death of Jacob Green” by J.D. Graves, Noir
“Exit Ramp” by Lyndon Perry, Fantasy
“Green Eyed Monster” by Gerri R. Gray, Fantasy
“Quick Pick” Nick Manzolillo, Crime
“Beneath Me” by Edward Turner III, horror
“Neon Anemone” by Scotch Rutherford, tech-noir

EconoClash Review #2 Published October 6th, 2018

“THE GIRL” by Victoria Dalpe, noir-fantasy
“Desert Wind” by DJ Tyrer
“The Assimilation of Bruce Gleason” by Preston Lang, sci-fi
“Trappers Rest” by G.A. Miller, crime-horror
“Useful Things” by Alec Cizak, sic-fi-noir
“The Thing From Hell World” by James Harper, horror
“The Scornful” by Brandon Alexander, horror
“Shifting Sands” by Beatrix M.G. Nielsen, fantasy
“Bad Ice” by Tom Miller, crime
“Short Cut” by Olin Wish
“Walk of Fame” by Joshua Hill, transgressive noir
“The Zombie Apocalypse Preservation Society” by Robert Petyo, crime

EconoClash Review #3 Published December 13th, 2018
“Little Bubba Visits the Roadhouse” by Michael Bracken, noir
“I’m Gonna Eat You” by Sara Dobie Bauer, horror
“Small Fish” by Max Sheridan, noir
“Chasing Shadows” by Kristen Brand, superhero
“Anything Can Be Dangerous” by Rick McQuiston, horror
“Raid On Alcatraz” by Leroy B. Vaughn, crime
“Turning the Tables” By Brian James Lewis, Horror
“Firestarters” by Nick Sweeney, sci-fi
Disillusioned” by Christopher Stanley, fantasy crime
“It’s Dark Out There” by Nicola Lombardi trans. Joe Weintraub, crime


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