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Tech Noir Double Issue Review Trailer

Tech Noir Trailer

ECR covers Switchblade and Pulp Modern Special Edition: Tech Noir.

CHEAP THRILL ALERT! Big Changes Coming to ECR

Not to be too cryptic but the leaves around ECR headquarters aren't the only things changing this time of year. Stay tuned Thrill Seekers for updates. Hint: whatever it is will be way better than that stupid deal Lando made with the Empire. To all of our upcoming authors who are waiting patiently for the release of Issue 5-6-7 & 8. ECR promises the news is good and hopes you will be as excited as we are in our efforts to PROMOTE LITERACY!

Issue 5 is still alive...just not ready for the Debutante Ball

We here at ECR are hustling to get issue 5 out into the world just as soon as we can. Unfortunately, we are being pulled in many different directions at the moment. We promise all of our dear Thrill Seekers to bare with us as we strive to release a quality follow up for our very popular issue 4 before the end of this year of our lord, 2019.
In the Meantime please help us celebrate the arrival of our indie pulp brethren Broadswords & Blasters, Switchblade 11, Tough 2, and the exciting double release of TECH NOIR by Pulp Modern and Switchblade. The end of 2019 promises to be a very excellent time in the world of indie publishing and we hope to add some Quality Cheap Thrills to the mix just as soon as we are able. 
We are fully aware that delayed products often suck: GNR Chinese Democracy, Cleopatra, Waterworld, the Cold War part 2, Trump's Impeachment, Your promises to keep your promises to loved ones and mistresses. 
EconoClash Review hears your worries and just wants to put t…

Drinking in Reviews and ECR Slush

J.D. in Bauhaus with Afro
Dear Thrill Seekers,

Thank you for your interests in ECR. This open submission period of roughly 30 days saw close to one hundred and twenty submissions. As Editor-in-Chief, I have read and responded to about sixty submissions. Some I have liked a great deal but think they could be approved upon while offering notes. Others received the form rejection. I wish I could remember to copy and paste those into the emails, but sadly I type every letter of every response regardless of outcome. I believe that your time is as valuable as mine and since we don't pay very much--reading your work word for word and responding is the only way of giving something back.

For those of you still waiting to hear about your work I want you to know that I know you are still waiting. I am trying to read at least two stories a day on top of my personal writing. There are only 3 spots available in Issue 6 but there's a lot of stuff I'd like to pick up for issue 7.

As far a…

Double barrels of TECH NOIR!

Two of our favorite things Switchblade Anthology of Noir and Pulp Modern have announced they're teaming up to release a special edition of Tech Noir. For right now, we know it's coming sometime in October and will drop on the same day. But Mr. Rutherford and Mr. Cizak have been gracious enough to announce the line-up. It contains some very prolific voices in the indie lit field as well as some stellar contributors to EconoClash Review both past and present.

If they let you pre-order it you should do so. But until then check out their latest issues here and here.

FOUR is knocking on the DOOR

Thanks to all of you, ECR #4 is knocking on the door of the top 100 Fiction anthologies.

This is exciting! Featuring new work by Rex Weiner, creator of The Adventures of Ford Fairlane and A.B. Patterson, author of Harry's World and Harry's Quest. Mark Slade, the author of Witch for Hire, 2019's most published indie author C.W. Blackwell, and Matthew X Gomez, co-editor of Broadswords and Blasters. We are also excited to promote: Hailey Piper, Jon Zelazny, J.S. Rogers, Jaap Boekestein, Robert Petyo, and Hatebreaker.

You can buy your copy here. Help push ECR #4 into the top 100

Broadswords & Blasters The Trailer

Our pulp brothers over at BS&B were kind enough to allow me to create

this in their honor.

you can check out there wonderful work here. 

ECR Alumni listed for 2018 Best of British Fantasy

We are happy to announce that Charlotte Platt's "Meet the Family" has been listed as an honorable mention in the 2018 Best of British Fantasy!

A story that whisks the reader away to the Bonnie land of Scotland where a conman hopes to cash in on his new bride. Which leads to a harrowing ending that even today I never see coming. 

Congrats Charlotte and keep up the good fight!

Right now you can read Charlotte's story in Kindle Unlimited or you can purchase a copy you Cheapskate here.

You can see the 2018 Best of British Fantasy list here. 

You can follow Charlotte on twitter here. 

"MEET THE FAMILY" story art by Duane Crockett from ECR #1

EconoClash Review #4 Quality Cheap Promo


Awards Eligibility

Dear Thrill Seekers! Awards submissions are upon the universe of fiction. We would be remiss if we didn't take a moment to include our wonderful authors in the process.

EconoClash Review #1 Published February 10th 2018

"The Last Book" by Rick McQuiston, meta-horror
"Recompense"  by William R. Soldan, noir
"The Boss Man Cometh" by Christopher Hivner, humor
"Blessed He Be, Shinokaze" by Joachim Heijndermans, Kaiju
"Meet the Family" by Charolette Platt, noir-fantasy
"The Little Death of Jacob Green" by J.D. Graves, Noir
"Exit Ramp" by Lyndon Perry, Fantasy
"Green Eyed Monster" by Gerri R. Gray, Fantasy
"Quick Pick" Nick Manzolillo, Crime
"Beneath Me" by Edward Turner III, horror
"Neon Anemone" by Scotch Rutherford, tech-noir

EconoClash Review #2 Published October 6th, 2018

"THE GIRL" by Victoria Dalpe, noir-fantasy
"Desert Wind" by DJ Tyrer
"The Assimilation of Bruc…


Phillip K. Dick's Piracy of Influence

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