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5 Stars for ECR #3!

We have received our first review for EconoClash Review #3 and it includes summaries of all the stories. Thanks to Mr. Petyo for the kind words and 5 stars!

You can read it here.

TALL PINES LODGE makes it to #8

A Christmas Miracle. For a limited time we gave away free copies of TALL PINES LODGE. Thank you to all the people who downloaded it. While it is no longer FREE or in the top ten, top 20 or top 100. The brief weeklong experience was definitely a quality cheap thrill. You can purchase a copy now or if you have Kindle Unlimited you read for free. 

Outside Critic Review of ECR #2

Switchblade Magazine's Managing Editor, Scotch Rutherford, was kind enough to write a very honest review about our second issue. 

ECR #3

EconoClash Review #3 is stuffed with enough broken laws to keep every attorney in business throughout next year. There’s also cannibals, crooked magicians and hideously evil things called regular people. Featuring new work by: Max Sheridan, Michael Bracken, Sara Dobie Bauer, Rick McQuiston, Kristen Brand, Nick Sweeney, Leroy B. Vaughn, Brian James Lewis, Chris Stanley, Nicola Lombardi, Joe Weintraub. 


Phillip K. Dick's Piracy of Influence

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Beyond the Valley of the Drinking Game

Interview: Scotch Rutherford