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ISSUE #TWO Official Line-Up

A Big Thank You to everyone that took time to write a review of Issue #One. Here's a sneak peek at the authors in #TWO.

ISSUE #TWO Features 12 Quality Cheap Thrills from:

Alec Cizak
Preston Lang
Victoria Dalpe
G.A. Miller
James Harper
Robert Petyo
DJ Tryer
Beatrix M.G. Nielsen
Olin Wish
Tom W. Miller
Brandon Gulling
Joshua Hill

Cover Art by: Charles Ben Russell
Edited By: J.D. Graves

We've made A.B.'s Anthology Corner!

Down under cop turned gritty crime writer, A.B. Patterson, include ECR among some pretty heavy hitters in the indie anthology world. 

Check out all of the great independent titles here.

AB Patterson is truly an officer and a gentleman. His growing COPS WRITING CRIME Group is pretty awe inspiring to say the least. ECR recommends reading, HARRY'S WORLD

A review of this wonderful book is on the way.


Our pulp brothers Broadswords & Blasters were gracious enough to write up our Debut Issue. And they were completely honest. Thanks for the candor Matt Gomez!

You can read Matt's review here.

While we are on the subject. ECR has been quiet for the past few weeks. We've been busy reading submissions as well as reading Broadswords & Blasters. Look out for an overview review of BS&B's catalog coming soon!

Tough Stuff: Love-Honor-Cherish

Rusty Barnes, author of such works of noir as "Knuckledragger," and "Ridgerunner." Has launched a crime fiction blogzine of his own. Appropriately titled "TOUGH" 

This week's story is by your's truly and can be found here.

Here's the blurbs the story's received so far.

"Read this short story. Holy god it's insane!" @ashbergh

Leave it a comment of your own...or just spread the word about this awesome venue for crime fiction.

Tough's Submission Guidelines


Phillip K. Dick's Piracy of Influence

Mission Statement & Submission Guidelines

Beyond the Valley of the Drinking Game

Interview: Scotch Rutherford