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Issue ONE is kindle live

Purchase your Kindle Copy of  EconoClash Review: Issue One

Featuring the fiction of

William R. Soldan
Rick McQuiston
Nick Manzolillo
Scotch Rutherford
Christopher Hivner
Charlotte Platt
Gerri R. Gray
Edward Turner III
Lyn Perry
Joachim Heijndermans

Coming soon from ThrillHILL Bottom Press. Buy your copy at Amazon, and help keep up the good fight.

Interview: Scotch Rutherford

SWITCHBLADE Magazine, the sharpest Noir anthology this side of the big five, just released its fourth issue, featuring such yarn spinners as A.B. Patterson, Lisa Douglass, Keith Rawson, Max Sheridan, Pearce Hansen, Henry Brock, Nick Manzolillo, as well as others. Oh, Sugar, yours truly is lucky enough to be included in that mix too. SB continues to push the envelope of crime/thriller/noir ficition with each issue. Managing Editor, Scotch Rutherford, was gracious enough to answer a few questions about publishing in the indie world and offers advice on avoiding the honey-traps. So buckle up as Scotch encourages everyone considering to DIY to "Go BIG or GO HOME!" Congratulations on the release of Switchblade Issue 4 and making it through your inaugural year. Do you feel that you met your goal as an editor/publisher? How did you adapt your approach to succeed? Thanks. Sure. The goal was to make it through four issues. Also to innovate with each issue. Meeting the quarterly deadlin…


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Beyond the Valley of the Drinking Game

Interview: Scotch Rutherford