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5 Stars for ECR #3!

We have received our first review for EconoClash Review #3 and it includes summaries of all the stories. Thanks to Mr. Petyo for the kind words and 5 stars!

You can read it here.

TALL PINES LODGE makes it to #8

A Christmas Miracle. For a limited time we gave away free copies of TALL PINES LODGE. Thank you to all the people who downloaded it. While it is no longer FREE or in the top ten, top 20 or top 100. The brief weeklong experience was definitely a quality cheap thrill. You can purchase a copy now or if you have Kindle Unlimited you read for free. 

Outside Critic Review of ECR #2

Switchblade Magazine's Managing Editor, Scotch Rutherford, was kind enough to write a very honest review about our second issue. 

ECR #3

EconoClash Review #3 is stuffed with enough broken laws to keep every attorney in business throughout next year. There’s also cannibals, crooked magicians and hideously evil things called regular people. Featuring new work by: Max Sheridan, Michael Bracken, Sara Dobie Bauer, Rick McQuiston, Kristen Brand, Nick Sweeney, Leroy B. Vaughn, Brian James Lewis, Chris Stanley, Nicola Lombardi, Joe Weintraub. 

EconoClash Review #3 Promo


PROMOTE LITERACY With Our Wearable Cheap Thrills

Check out our first wearable cheap thrills!

Trump Fiction: ECR Special Election Edition

We are only days away from the launch of our 1st Special Edition Issue. 

For our efforts we've chosen the 45th POTUS as our subject for our quest to deliver Quality Cheap Thrills.

Trump Fiction features 8 mind bending tales written by:

John Adam Gosham
Charles Norwood
Robert Petyo (ECR veteran)
Sara Codair
Gerri R. Gray (ECR veteran)
DJ Tyrer (ECR veteran)
Andrew J. Lucas
D.C. Stanley
Wondra Vanian

Stay Tuned for release announcement.


Our pulp brother over at Broadswords & Blasters, Matthew X. Gomez, has been so kind to read our second issue and even kinder to write about it and post it on the corner of the inter webs. Like always Matthew doesn't hold back and delivers an honest assessment of our endeavors. Kudos to Victoria Dalpe & Joshua Hill & G.A. Miller for receiving praise. Another great example of modern independent LIT CRIT for GRIT LIT. If you don't already read BS&B or follow them on Twitter, what are you doing with your life?Worth a read. 


Now for the first time in Print--The hit show that stormed across the stages at FronteraFest and the New York International Fringe Festival.


NOIR/THRILLER. By J.D. Graves. Cast 4 men, 1 woman, various musicians. A dynamic snarl of a story that moves with the frenetic pace of a runaway train. On May 1st, 1991 a trio of low level criminals gather to wait out a storm and their cut of the robbery. Tensions escalate when an un-invited guest arrives and throws all allegiances out of sync. The psychotic Cotton wants to play a game and everyone must play along, especially Daisy, the group's unwilling hostage. However, Daisy proves to be more resourceful than any femme fatale before. Everything moved like clockwork until she arrived. A comedy thriller that feels like the cast of the movie Bernie acting their ways out of Reservoir Dogs. Interior set. Approximate running time: 60 mins.

Purchase your copy here. 

For Performance rights queries, email us at econoclashreview at g…

ECR # 2

Our second issue is now available in print from

ISSUE #TWO Official Line-Up

A Big Thank You to everyone that took time to write a review of Issue #One. Here's a sneak peek at the authors in #TWO.

ISSUE #TWO Features 12 Quality Cheap Thrills from:

Alec Cizak
Preston Lang
Victoria Dalpe
G.A. Miller
James Harper
Robert Petyo
DJ Tryer
Beatrix M.G. Nielsen
Olin Wish
Tom W. Miller
Brandon Gulling
Joshua Hill

Cover Art by: Charles Ben Russell
Edited By: J.D. Graves

We've made A.B.'s Anthology Corner!

Down under cop turned gritty crime writer, A.B. Patterson, include ECR among some pretty heavy hitters in the indie anthology world. 

Check out all of the great independent titles here.

AB Patterson is truly an officer and a gentleman. His growing COPS WRITING CRIME Group is pretty awe inspiring to say the least. ECR recommends reading, HARRY'S WORLD

A review of this wonderful book is on the way.


Our pulp brothers Broadswords & Blasters were gracious enough to write up our Debut Issue. And they were completely honest. Thanks for the candor Matt Gomez!

You can read Matt's review here.

While we are on the subject. ECR has been quiet for the past few weeks. We've been busy reading submissions as well as reading Broadswords & Blasters. Look out for an overview review of BS&B's catalog coming soon!

Tough Stuff: Love-Honor-Cherish

Rusty Barnes, author of such works of noir as "Knuckledragger," and "Ridgerunner." Has launched a crime fiction blogzine of his own. Appropriately titled "TOUGH" 

This week's story is by your's truly and can be found here.

Here's the blurbs the story's received so far.

"Read this short story. Holy god it's insane!" @ashbergh

Leave it a comment of your own...or just spread the word about this awesome venue for crime fiction.

Tough's Submission Guidelines

Issue ONE is kindle live

Purchase your Kindle Copy of  EconoClash Review: Issue One

Featuring the fiction of

William R. Soldan
Rick McQuiston
Nick Manzolillo
Scotch Rutherford
Christopher Hivner
Charlotte Platt
Gerri R. Gray
Edward Turner III
Lyn Perry
Joachim Heijndermans

Coming soon from ThrillHILL Bottom Press. Buy your copy at Amazon, and help keep up the good fight.

Interview: Scotch Rutherford

SWITCHBLADE Magazine, the sharpest Noir anthology this side of the big five, just released its fourth issue, featuring such yarn spinners as A.B. Patterson, Lisa Douglass, Keith Rawson, Max Sheridan, Pearce Hansen, Henry Brock, Nick Manzolillo, as well as others. Oh, Sugar, yours truly is lucky enough to be included in that mix too. SB continues to push the envelope of crime/thriller/noir ficition with each issue. Managing Editor, Scotch Rutherford, was gracious enough to answer a few questions about publishing in the indie world and offers advice on avoiding the honey-traps. So buckle up as Scotch encourages everyone considering to DIY to "Go BIG or GO HOME!" Congratulations on the release of Switchblade Issue 4 and making it through your inaugural year. Do you feel that you met your goal as an editor/publisher? How did you adapt your approach to succeed? Thanks. Sure. The goal was to make it through four issues. Also to innovate with each issue. Meeting the quarterly deadlin…

The DIY Cookbook

In a previous ECR post, we discussed the need for more DIY publishers in our DIY Declaration of War. After much internal discussion, a consensus was reached. We have tasked our sales/education team with delivering an info-cational article. (In order to arm our troops so that we don’t all eat our boots at Valley Forge come winter.) ECR lists the five needs of every independent publisher, no matter if they only publish Harry Potter fan fiction, or if they publish outsider art, the kind where a guy who only wrote poems on napkins before hiding them inside reupholstered furniture.
THE DIY Publisher’s Cookbook
Audience Identification Consistent Design Quality Product Engagement Network footprint Audience IdentificationTo begin with, every indie journal, zine, novel, etc; must identify their potential audience. If you don’t take this necessary step then you’ll end up only doing things for yourself, then why DIY anything at all. There are a number of vanity presses that are alive and well and livin…


Phillip K. Dick's Piracy of Influence

Mission Statement & Submission Guidelines

Beyond the Valley of the Drinking Game

Interview: Scotch Rutherford