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Beyond the Valley of the Drinking Game

***DISCLAIMER***  All Thrill Seekers, currently under legal drinking age or in Recovery for Alcohol Abuse... DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!                
A recent trend on social media, tells you to start "X" movie at "X" time on December 31st. Doing so will cause a character to say their catchphrase directly as the clock strikes midnight, thus ringing in the new year. BORING!

If you're seeking cheap thrills this New Year's Eve, look no further!


1. A bottle (or two) of your favorite libation. 

2. A copy of 20th Century Fox's, "BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS"

3. A friend or two, so you're not laughing your ass off alone!

1. Open your favorite Libation. 
2. Start the movie. 
3. Every time you see TITS or ASS, take a drink.

4. Every time you see simulated Coitus, take a drink.
5. Any time you see an Actor BLINK, take a drink.
Due to the Machine Gun Rapidity of the editing, this …

The DIY Declaration of War

Christmas Eve 2017 will go down in history. Not because Aunt Nancy and Grandma locked horns again—kicking one another out of their respective homes—forever. Nope, that holiday ritual has been performed like clockwork for over thirty years, and we all know it’s determined to continue until one of them two biddies cooks in that big kitchen in the sky.  Nor did the historical nature of “Santa Watch 2017” have anything to do with the outright plunder of the dimwitted American people by their American Lizard Overlords. Although parallels can be drawn. However, any attempt to do so will draw you into paranoid conspiracy theories that drank vodka for breakfast, ready to deploy their army of misinformation bots—and comrades, nobody’s got time for that! History was made on December 24th, 2017 just like history was made, well before the world became the hype machine we are all trapped inside. In other words, a big splash happened and nobody noticed…YET. 
You see, Larque Press and Uncle B. Producti…

Mission Statement & Submission Guidelines

EconoClash Review(Quality Cheap Thrills) is a biannual print journal of Genre Fiction.

We accept only the best contemporary pulp submissions. Which includes quality Crime, Noir, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Weird, Humor and Other Words for Uplifting Gormandizers. 

EconoClash Review believes in free speech and wants to provide our readers with a much needed escape into other worlds. We like stories about Weirdos, Criminals and Pregnant Prom Queens going to great lengths to destroy or keep the status quo. HOWEVER, we don't want erotica, or pornography, or torture-porn-erotica between characters of any age, race, species both real or fictional. Nothing gratuitous. Avoid the tropes best you can. Just because we want GENRE doesn't mean we want STALE.

Above all else--EconoClash Review wants fictionfull of energy that feels real. 

We encourage our writers to submit short fiction between 1,500 and 4,500 words.

That word limit is FIRM and STRICTLY ENFORCED.



Phillip K. Dick's Piracy of Influence

Mission Statement & Submission Guidelines

Beyond the Valley of the Drinking Game

Interview: Scotch Rutherford