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Cheap Thrill Alert! Until The Sun by Chandler Morrison

ECR reviews UNTIL THE SUN by Chandler Morrison, published by Death's Head Press, 2019. 407 pages. A take on modern vampires that harbors a dark need for revenge that's colder than a mink glove and cooler than being cool. This book is ICE COLD. Buy it for the cover, read it for the wild ride. Since it's told mostly in the second person present-tense, the whole narrative unfolds like a wickedly cool Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story involving bloodshed, bacchanalia and immortality. Deep down this a crime story wrapped in a familiar cape of horrors. 

To begin with, You are a despondent and angsty teenager living in Ohio, and one night you go downstairs to find a trio of vampires devouring your foster family. They sense the darkness inside You and instead of sucking you dry of vital fluids these pallidly seductive ghouls invite you to hang out. "Dude, we're immortal!" 
Thus begins Chandler Morrison's Until the Sun.
What begins as a fun little Near Dark-style ro…

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